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Active thinking game for the whole family; that is how it works

ZoekZes is very simple and therefore fun for everyone; Choose your level at the start of the game and take the corresponding number cards. Shuffle the cards and then place them face down on the table. Each player may then look at one number card.

The player to the left of the card dealer starts the game and is the first to lay down a playing card. With these playing cards you can discover where number card number SIX is located. As soon as the first player has lost all his playing cards, the round ends. Everyone then simultaneously points to where he or she thinks number card number SIX is located. The cards are then turned over and the winner is announced.

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It’s the weekend and that only means one thing… Fun with the whole family! With this fun and exciting board game you can create the best moments with the whole family. Can you find card number 6 the fastest of all participants? With this card game it quickly becomes clear who the best detective in the house is. Just pull up the chairs, put the chips on the table and get ready for a fun family evening!