Nordic Stream ‘easy squeezer’ mop frame sets



– 88% Polyester 12% Polyamide
– Excluding stick
– Only compatible with other Nordic Stream products
– Brand: Nordic Stream
– EAN code on every seperate item
– Product language: Dutch
– Size: 46cm
– Retail price: €9,50
– Item reference: NS22665
– Minimum order quantity: 24 pieces

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This mop frame with microfiber floor squeegee is suitable for the Nordic Stream Easy Squeezer system. In combination with the special bucket with press system, this makes mopping extra easy. The pressing system ensures that the mop is wrung out immediately when you remove it from the water. This way you can get started right away.

This mop frame is completely suitable for this system, because the frame automatically rotates when you raise it. This way it can always be passed through the pressing system properly. The microfiber floor wiper, which is included, absorbs a large amount of dust and dirt. The wiper is made of powerful microfibers (88% polyester and 12% polyamide).