Nordic Stream easy squeezer mop sets with bucket



– Stainless steel and plastic
– Complete set with; telescopic stick, microfibermop with mop frame, storage hanger, bucket and easy squeezer pressing system
– Brand: Nordic Stream
– Retail price: €41
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– Product language: English and Dutch
– Items can only be shipped on pallets due to the volume
– Due to the volume of the items, we have to add a pallet surcharge
– Item reference: NS22657
– Minimum order quantity: 48 sets

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This Nordic Stream Easy Squeezer set can be used to effortlessly clean all your hard floors. The set contains a mop frame and a microfibre floor mop, a telescopic handle (90 to 135 cm), a bucket (10 litres), a storage hanger and a pressing system, so you have everything you need to get started straight away.

The bucket with press system makes mopping extra easy. As soon as you remove the mop from the water and place it in the pressing system, it will be wrung out automatically. This makes mopping child’s play and you never use too much water. In addition, the clean and dirty water are separated from each other to ensure an extra hygienic result. Use the microfiber cloth, which consists of 88% polyester and 12% polyamide, to effortlessly remove all kinds of dirt.