Nordic Stream Floor mop sets including a 160cm telescopic stick



– 88% Polyester 12% Polyamide
– Brand: Nordic Stream
– EAN code on every seperate item
– Product language: English
– Size: 160x46cm
– Item reference: NS15301
– Minimum order quantity: 16 pieces

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The cleanest floor in an instant? The Nordic Stream Floor Squeegee is like an extension of your arm and the solution for the dirtiest floors. In addition, Nordic Stream is the founder of the latest Quick Click System. This innovation is the future of cleaning products. This allows you to replace the accessory mounted on the end of your handle in an instant, so you can immediately move on to the next job.

Mop set
The Nordic Stream Floor Wiper is a modern and efficient mop set for wet mopping. The microfiber mop makes the mop not only effective for laminate, but for all types of hard floors. So no job is too tough.

Adjustable stem
The mop set contains a sturdy stainless steel handle with an ergonomic handle. The handle is telescopically adjustable from 90 cm to 160 cm. This way the handle can be used by everyone without putting undue strain on the back.