Nordic Stream floor mops with telescopic stick 160cm



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– Includes telescopic stick with mop
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An efficient mop set for wet mopping. The mop is equipped with extra scrubbing brakes for a greater cleaning effect. The cleaning set contains a viscose mop and a robust telescopic handle with ergonomic handle.
This floor mop set is an effective cleaning set for wet mopping. Effectively removes dirt from the floors, leaving a clean and beautiful surface. Contains a viscose mop that is suitable for all floors and is easy to rotate in the spinner. The mop is also equipped with extra scrubbing brakes that provide extra power for stubborn dirt. The set includes a robust and high-quality telescopic shaft made of stainless steel.

The mop handle is adjustable between 90-160 cm for more ergonomic cleaning. The mop handle is also equipped with an ergonomic handle for a better grip during cleaning