Nordic Stream floor mops with water sprayer



– Stainless steel and plastic
– Brand: Nordic Stream
– Retail price: €27,50
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– Product language: English
– Size: 46x160cm
– Item reference: NS15343
– Minimum order quantity: 16 pieces

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Effortlessly get a radiantly clean floor with the help of this spray floor mop from Nordic Stream. While mopping, you can spray water (possibly with cleaning agent) on the floor to make cleaning even easier. This way you can achieve perfect results in no time. In addition to the telescopic handle (90 to 160 cm), this set also contains a floor wiper and a microfiber cloth.

The handle is equipped with a water tank (0.5 liters), to which you can add water and cleaning agents. Using the handy handle, spray this on the floor while mopping, without having to bend down, and you are guaranteed the very best result. The floor wiper with microfiber cloth (made of 88% polyester and 12% polyamide) can be used for cleaning all hard floors.