Purple Nordic Stream microfiber cloths for dust 30x30cm



– Microfiber
– Brand: Nordic Stream
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– Product language: Dutch
– Size: 30x30cm
– Item reference: NS22652
– Minimum order quantity: 60 pieces

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A clean house with minimal effort? The Nordic Stream microfibre fabric is a durable and washable cloth that can be used to tackle any challenge.

Microfiber cloth cloth
The Nordic Stream microfiber cloth is a modern and efficient microfiber cloth for general use and removes dirt mercilessly. So no job is too tough.

Highly Absorbent
Highly absorbent microfibre cloth for general use. The fibers attract the dust with a static effect.

Advantages of multi microfibre cloth
+ Deals with dust and dirt mercilessly
+ Highly absorbent
+ General use
+ Attracts dust