Tools – Hofftech universal hand ratchets 4-15mm



– Brand: Hofftech
– 100% new steel, polished chrome finish and very high quality!
– Automatically adapts to thousands of fasteners. Professional universal
– Everything can be dismantled, including screws, hooks, lag screws, bolt heads, etc.
– The Grip is also very suitable for broken screws, hooks, etc.
– Multi-use for home maintenance, the (automotive) industry, construction and other sectors
– Product is compact and easy to carry anywhere
– 4-15mm
– EAN code: 8719274347781
– Retail price: €14,95
– Article reference: 11657
– Minimum order quantity: 72 pieces

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If you are struggling with an overfull and bulging toolbox and you have no idea where you left that one screwdriver or pliers, the Höfftech universal hand ratchet is the perfect and universal solution. Due to the steel needles in the head of the hand ratchet, it can be used on numerous fasteners, such as screws, hooks, lag screws, bolt heads, etc. This makes the grip also perfectly usable for broken screws that you normally cannot loosen. The device is made of very high quality steel and the handle is of perfect size and finish for the ideal grip