Nordic Stream 3-packs micfrofiber sponges



– 70% polyester and 30% polyamide.
– Brand: Nordic Stream
– 3-pack
– Retail price: €9,50
– EAN code on every seperate item
– Size: 11x8x2,5cm
– Item reference: NS15350
– Minimum order quantity: 60 packs

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These microfiber sponges from Nordic Stream are perfect for cleaning your kitchen, bathroom or other areas in the house. The sponges have two sides. One side is covered with highly absorbent microfiber, which, for example, allows cleaning agents to be absorbed well. The other side contains a scrubbing section to remove the most stubborn dirt. This way you always achieve the very best results.

The package contains 3 sponges in 3 different colors. Color-coded cleaning is therefore possible; then use a different color for each room. This way you can easily keep the sponges apart.